Guidelines Eruv is Unchecked*

Halachic Issues:

  1. Rav Willig & Rav Rapp did schiras rashus from the police department for the entire 34th Precinct for 99 years.
  2. To accommodate all shitos, d'losos will be placed on poles to span Amsterdam at 182nd St & 190th St. and Audubon at 183rd St. & 190th St.. These d'losos will, bli neder, be used to close off the street once a year. They are the same d'losos used for the West Side Eruv.
  3. Due to a hole in the fence on the East side of Laurel Hill Terrace and 187th St., we are unable to be machmir for the Magen Avraham's shita of 14.4 inches (4 tefachim). Therefore we are relying on the Rambam's shita that all gaps in the Eruv are under 18ft (10 amos). This is consistent with the policy of the old Eruv. According to Rav Moshe, the shiur of a tefach is 3.6 inches.
  4. Mailboxes and awnings (which may Halachicly be a reshus hayachid) under the Eruv wire have been bypassed using the building walls closest to the wire. In addition, shoes hanging on the Eruv wires will not disqualify the Eruv.

Posek HaEruv:

Rav H. Schachter

* The Eruv was last checked on Fri, June 18, 2021

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